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Daily Archives: 14 February 2011

SKA Industry Opportunities Register

A new version of the SKA Industry Opportunities Register is now available. The changes incorporated into this version (v4.0) include:

  • Expanded descriptions of the anticipated opportunities for the delivery of the focal plane arrays, including a separate description of the digital receiver systems
  • Consolidation of the opportunities for the beam former and correlator systems, given the similarity and relative scale of these systems
  • Updated MRO infrastructure opportunities to reflect the scope of the major (comprehensive) tender to build the MRO facilities
  • Updated computing and infrastructure (power systems), reflecting the recent Government funding for the Pawsey Centre and the EIF funds for a green energy demonstrator for ASKAP, respectively
  • Updates to the timing of a number of completed, current and future RFTs to provide consistent information to all stakeholders

For more information visit

International Ska Forum – 6 July 2011 – Banff, Canada

The SKA Forum is a day of public presentations and events that  brings together scientists, industrialists, policy makers and representatives of government departments and funding agencies who are working together to advance the multi-faceted implementation plan for the Square Kilometre Array.  The day will include a keynote science presentation from Nobel Laureate John Mathers from NASA on the science impact of the SKA.  The technology innovation and industry opportunities will be highlighted in an address from an industry leader.

The state of the SKA Project will be presented by the SKA Project Director, along with updates on SKA technology precursor telescopes and developments and plans at the candidate sites from Australia/New Zealand and Southern Africa.  News on developments in governance and organisation will be presented by the Chair of the SKA
Funding Agency Group.

ASKAIC report on the 2010 Mid-West Science Summit

Mid West Science Summit

Mid West Science Summit

A highly successful 2010 Mid West Science Summit was held in Geraldton on the 4th November, attended by a large, diverse and committed audience comprising scientists, engineers, educationalists, regional development practitioners and community representatives.  The Summit encompassed three sessions of presentations and workshops, which focused on (i) current projects; (ii) future ideas/initiatives; and, (iii) pathways to more effective engagement of business with the community.  Keynote speakers were WA Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley, Professor Jorg Imberger, Director of the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia, and Dr Michelle Storey, CSIRO’s SKA Executive Officer.  Professor Beazley set the tone of the Summit with an inspiring address on the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, followed by several speakers on topics ranging from

Mid West Science Summit

Mid West Science Summit

the 2010 Youth Science Forum; Marine Science research and its implications for Oakajee Port planning; to innovative health and disease management approaches. A core group of ASKAIC members visited Geraldton to tangibly express its support for the Summit, and network with local industry.

All participants expressed a keen interest in realising a future for the Mid West which places emphasis on its youth, provides new opportunities for the indigenous community, and balances regional development with environmental sustainability.